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Earn Cash From Selling Our Book
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The Web Un-Tangled! Book

Our Awesome Book

We've written a book that is perfect for your customer base! Introducing The Web Un-Tangled!, the definitive handbook for building a successful business online written by eleven industry experts.

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Your Awesome Customers

You have a loyal customer base that trusts in your products and services already and considering your industry, they would be a perfect match for our book.

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Let's Put Them Together

We'll put your brand all over our book so that you can sell it to your customers as another one of your products - and you can take most of the profits for your efforts!


Need Proof? Our Readers Say it Best

"My online sales grew by 20% in the first month after reading the book."
Cristy Ortiz, Mexico

"Being a small business owner and self educated regarding how and what to do to get my online business up and running to its potential is not an easy task. I found your e-book amazing. Great Authors, very easy to comprehend and I walked away with knowledge I didn't have before and the knowledge now to make my business more successful. Would highly recommend."
Renee Buckby, Australia

"I consider myself to have a firm grasp on what it takes to ensure that the message we get out to our guests is clear and concise, but in reading Web With It I found a whole new appreciation for ensuring that our business is literally at our guests finger tips."
Rodrigo Diz, Brazil

"After reading the Web Un-Tangled, I quickly realized that the guest experience now extends beyond our restaurant walls and can begin as soon as customers navigate our online content. I'm starting to see how online content is replacing the hostess as the initial point of contact and can shape the guest perception before even stepping foot in our restaurant."
Nicholas Hewton, Canada

Earn Cash From Selling Our Book