The Web Un-Tangled!

The Web Un-Tangled! is Made for Your Customers

If you think this is just another techy SEO book, think again. 'The Web Un-Tangled' is more than some duh-book for dummies. It’s an in-the-know and always current guide written by successful online business entrepreneurs.

It shows you how to build and create a business internet marketing on line products. It’s a collection of real world answers organized into a mineable menu perfect for the every day businessperson.


Real World Lessons for Real People

The only online business book written by 11 experts.

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Covers everything needed to set up & run an online business.

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120+ pages of real world answers for busy entrepreneurs.

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Uniquely starts with 'pen & paper' lessons.

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Content evolves with the reader & industry every month.

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Each lesson ends with a quick take-away summary.

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What's Inside

What's Inside of The Web Un-Tangled!

The Web Un-Tangled! covers the three key areas to any successful online business:

Part One: Your Brand, Your Customers & You

Learn how to identify your customers - which include the search engines - and how to align your brand with them.

Part Two: The Building Blocks of Your Website

Starting with the right keywords, we show you how to properly map out your site, choose the right platform to build it with, then optimize it with the right content so you can be found both globally and locally.

Part Three: Links, Relationships and Readers

Learn how to become a trusted presence on the web by building links and online relationships, and by creating unique content - and looking good in Google's eyes in the process.

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